New Opportunity for Gold Coast Resident Beau

When an individual becomes injured, they often believe they will return to their life as normal once they recover. However, this is not the case for many people who endure serious injuries, especially when wanting to return to work. At AimBig Employment, we help thousands of Australians reassess what returning to work looks like, and supporting them to find a new role that they are passionate about pursuing.

This was the case for Beau, a Gold Coast resident recovering from an ankle injury that required reconstruction in July last year.

Beau joined AimBig after transferring from a previous provider in the Sunshine Coast. Prior to Beau’s injury, he was working in the building industry as a Carpenter. Beau’s injury meant that he was without work for over 12 months and was struggling to support himself.

His move from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast created barriers to employment as he had no suitable contacts to find employment opportunities. In addition, he relied on public transport, which in his profession was not ideal.

With the help of his job coach Adam Chasling and team leader Jenelle Bradley, Beau started the path to finding meaningful employment so he could return to work. Beau engaged in an employment pre-screening looking at the following areas:

  • Qualifications
  • Barriers to employment
  • Previous work history
  • Current tickets – job specific
  • Assistances to be put in place to maintain employment
  • Passions or career goals

The employment pre-screening is an effective tool used with all job seekers that come to Aimbig Employment as it ensures the best job match possible. It also allows the team to have open conversations with employers about accommodations pertaining to the participants disability, injury, or mental health condition.

It was discovered that Beau’s main interest was returning to the building industry. This was for a range of reasons, mainly because his skill set was best utilised in working on building sites, as well as his passion and career goals centred around that field of work. Adam and Jenelle set out to find an employer that could give Beau an opportunity to succeed.

Beau was given clearance to return to work, but Adam and Beau acknowledged that there were limitations in returning to a labour role. As Beau could no longer endure the long hours of strenuous activity in a carpenter role, Adam had to look for new avenues that Beau could find suitable work in.

In scoping his community networks, Adam found a contact that he knew to be people passionate and willing to give Adam a chance. Beau was introduced to the owner of Allscope, a roofing company in Rocklea. Adam then arranged an interview to attend with Beau at Allscope, which was successful in landing him the role of Insurance Roofing Assessor.

In this role, he coordinates with his team to make assessments on client’s homes and roofs to ensure that any damage is ramified and that all stakeholders are safe. As this required travelling from site to site, Beau was concerned that relying on public transport would become an issue. AllScope was able to make accommodations by providing him with a company vehicle, while also paying for the hours it took for Beau to retrieve his tools from his hometown.

This role was the perfect mix of on the ground and strategic thinking as he was able to assess damage rather than labouring, while also visiting work sites and contributing to the safety of the site. Beau was extremely grateful for the opportunity to be working and supporting himself once again, and enjoys the people first culture which AllScope have built.  We spoke to Jenelle about Beau’s progress.

“AllScope granted Beau the perfect opportunity to get back to work and improve the safety and wellbeing of clients. He is such a happy go lucky guy, and it was great seeing him matched with an employer that really values him. The owner has been a really supporter of people with disability and we have placed several people with them.

AllScope has provided an exceptional working environment for Beau to return to work in, and they are committed to giving people of all abilities a chance to work. I’ve had really positive feedback about Beau in the AllScope team, asserting that he has fit in well.

I can see Beau’s quality of life improving each time we get in touch, and I really think he has found his calling.”

After enduring an injury, the capacity in which individuals can return to work changes completely.  At AimBig Employment, we empower and build confidence in our job seekers by finding them meaningful work that matches their needs and passions after injury.

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