Nader’s journey to success

Nader’s arrival in Australia from Iran on a Humanitarian Visa began a new chapter in his life. Determined to make his family proud and contribute to the Australian community, Nader faced a mountain of challenges. His transition to a new lifestyle, the daunting task of learning a new language, and the accompanying hurdles posed significant obstacles. Nader’s journey, however, took a turn for the better when he embarked on his path with AimBig Employment, Toowong.

Upon joining AimBig Employment, Nader’s proficiency in English remained limited. His language barrier, coupled with his small stature, led to experiences of discrimination in previous workplaces. These challenges weighed heavily on Nader, causing severe anxiety as he struggled to secure and sustain employment.

Nader found support from his AimBig Employment Job Coach, Taree. Their collaborative efforts were the foundations for addressing Nader’s barriers in his quest for employment. Weekly appointments with Taree were dedicated to goal setting, refining his resume and cover letter writing skills, and providing invaluable mock interview training. In addition to these crucial steps, Taree proactively marketed Nader to potential employers on his behalf.

During one session, Taree stumbled upon a unique opportunity with a local business. The manager was willing to offer opportunities to those willing to work hard, regardless of language proficiency. In his view, while specific job skills could be taught, a robust work ethic was paramount.

Knowing this was a promising prospect for Nader, Taree supported him during the interview process so that he had all the needed assistance. To give more of insight into the role, the manager took both Taree and Nader on a tour of the workplace. The very next day, Nader commenced a work trial.

With Nader committed to the role, Taree further supported him and ensured he arrived on time every morning during his first week, even picking him up as the workplace was 30 minutes from the nearest public transport. Nader’s dedication paid off as he successfully secured ongoing employment, much to the delight of both the employer and Nader himself.

AimBig Employment further supported Nader with the costs of work clothing. It even provided an electric scooter to ease his commute from the nearest public transport drop-off to the workplace. The result? Nader hasn’t missed a single day of work since.

His success story continues as he receives consistent support from his Post Placement Support Officer, Andi. Currently, he’s in the process of a job access application to further customise his workplace environment, ensuring he thrives in his role.

With his newfound employment, Nader’s confidence soared, and he felt a sense of independence. This opportunity paved the way for him to embark on a long-term career in Australia, aligning with a reputable and growing organisation. Nader’s journey has truly come full circle.

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