We interviewed new starter Mardi Fogliani to discuss her first two months at AimBig Employment, how she first got into the industry and what her role entails as a Regional Compliance Consultant.

How long have you been in the industry and how did you hear about AimBig Employment?
I have been in the Employment Industry, and specifically the Disability Sector for over 18 years. Around this time, I was a jobseeker and when a team member at my employment provider went on sick leave, my provider offered me a role helping with resumes. I really liked what the industry entailed and applied for a job, that was over 18 years ago and here I am.

I knew about AimBig Employment from working in the industry – AimBig is new to the market, especially in WA.

What do you do as a Regional Compliance Consultant?

As a Regional Compliance Consultant, I work closely with regional manager Ben James and General Manager Terry Wilson on any servicing and contractual requirements in relation to compliance. I answer any of our jobseeker’s questions, using my 18 years’ experience in the industry, and refer them to appropriate services. I also ensure all administration duties are completed, including a clean-up of the reports, job plans, ESA assessment and program summaries.

What have you learned about AimBig’s clients through this role?
They still have the same barriers as other clients I’ve worked with previously, but they are more receptive to us at AimBig Employment because we have a different approach. AimBig is more client-focused and employment-focused right from the start, which I believe is reflected in the success of our placements.

What has been your highlight since you joined the team?
My highlight is enjoying getting up in the morning and coming to work. This industry can be demanding, but the different approach and additional supports AimBig Employment has provided has made the job much more enjoyable.

We are in the office most of the time, but I love the flexibility. My office is an hour away from where I live so every now and then if I need to, I work from home. I also think the ‘You Days’ offered by the company (4 additional recreation leave days per year) is something you don’t see anywhere else.

AimBig Employment offers flexible working conditions and ongoing support to our team members allowing them to achieve the best outcomes for their clients. As a business, we have found that offering these benefits has increased productivity and helped employees like Mardi in achieving their individual and team goals.

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