We sat down with new starter Amy Green to discuss her first two months at AimBig Employment, how she got the job and what she loves most about her role as an Administration Assistant.

How did you hear about AimBig Employment?

I was actually a jobseeker and AimBig was my employment provider. Last year, I did Certificate III in Community Services, which prepares you to start your career as a community services worker. I was really keen to get my work placement done so I could get into the industry and one of the staff at AimBig put me forward for a position as an admin assistant and, here I am!

What does a day look like for you as an admin assistant?

It can look like a few different things really – no day for me is the same. Most of my work includes admin assistant work. It doesn’t really matter where I do this from which gives me a lot of flexibility in where I work. I can do it from home if I want, but personally, I prefer to do it in the office and keep the office open.

I have also picked up extra hours doing Job coach assistant work, providing extra support where needed to the Cessnock Job coaches. I love the two different aspects of my job. I’ve got my admin work, which is more solitary and straightforward, and then other assisting tasks where I get to talk to and help people. Helping people is what I wanted to do, and it is what I get to do in my job. People may come into the office who are not doing well, and I can help them because I know the area and I can recommend good GP services, for example.

How have your eight weeks at AimBig been? What have you learnt?

Everybody has been very welcoming and I’m absolutely loving my role. The company and everyone I work with or have spoken to is just fantastic. A highlight for me is the people and the support that is provided within the team environment. Everyone is very team oriented, which makes a big difference

I also feel very supported in my role. We receive regular health and wellbeing check-ins in our emails as well as from my manager Amy Osborne. I’m very much the person that won’t speak up if I need help, so having those check-ins are great because if things aren’t going well my results will show that I’m not ok which is reassuring and comforting.

AimBig Employment offers flexible working conditions and ongoing support to our team members allowing them to achieve the best outcomes for their clients. As a business, we care deeply about fostering a strong team environment and this is one of the many reasons team members like Amy enjoy working for AimBig Employment.

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