Mo 24 – Youth Worker

My name is Mo. I was born in Egypt then I moved to Australia when I was nine. With six siblings at home, school was always going to be challenging. But once I did finish my HSC, I went on to study psychology and physics at Uni.

Having access to education and training meant so much. Just little things like my CV and prepping me for job interviews made a huge difference. I went on to become a casual youth worker and peer leader with the city of Yarra in Melbourne.

But given I was helping to support others, it was ironic when I got a mental health plan and I needed support myself.

For a long time I resisted identifying or even acknowledging that I had a mental illness or disability.

Having a job definitely helped me, as it was a way to kind of validate to myself that I’m actually able to do these things despite what I’m facing, what I’m dealing with.

I didn’t feel held back, in fact my innate belief was that I could achieve anything.

Helping Eligible School Leavers & Young Adults

If you’re in your final year of school, or you’re a young adult with a significant disability, injury or health condition, AimBig Employment can assist you to transition from school to open employment.

Our team will work closely with you to tailor your career pathway based on your interests, goals and skills, and we’ll support you every step of the way from a comprehensive job plan to post-placement support once you find a job.

We work to find jobs for young adults with disability and Eligible School Leavers by providing:


One-on-one job coaching and mentoring


Tailored job search and job-site training


Assistance to address barriers to your chosen career path


Support and guidance to keep you motivated


Success to internship and volunteer opportunities


Post-placement and ongoing support if you need it

Together, we’ll work with you, your family and any medical or support providers, to ensure your job journey is meaningful and sustainable.

Be the Big – with job planning, education and support from AimBig. Bigger than employment.

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