Mental Health Month is celebrated each year in the month of October in NSW. Mental Health Month is important as it encourages awareness of mental health, whereby it is an opportunity to reflect on the state of our mental health and look towards prioritizing mental wellbeing.

In AimBig and Rehab Management, we see the psychological effect that being a job seeker in the current environment can have on individuals, often leading to poor mental health. This applies to all individuals, especially those living with mental health issues or physical disabilities, whereby it important to have the tools necessary to manage your mental health as a job seeker.

So, throughout October, we are hosting a series of Lunch and Learn webinars aimed at helping you to manage your mental health while navigating the process of finding employment. We have organized a range of special guest speakers who will provide an insight into overcoming adversity while looking for work, returning to work and facing unemployment. These speakers have a combination of lived experiences and professional expertise, so they are well-equipped to guide you in the right direction, no matter your circumstances.

Webinars are open for anyone to attend, so feel free to bring a friend! Each one runs for a total of 60 minutes (consisting of a 45-minute presentation and then 15 minutes for questions afterwards).

Some highlight webinars include:

  • How to Exercise Your Way to Improved Wellbeing – Thursday 13 and Thursday 27 October at 12:00pm

Learn about the importance of physical and mental health, how to structure an exercise plan and discover exercises you can do at home with no equipment.

  • Morning Motivation with Matthew Levy – Thursday 15 October at 10:30am

Join Matthew Levy OAM and Paralympic swimmer to learn the meaning of success and how to defy odds. Create the tools for success, define your action and build a
supportive inner circle to help you on your journey to achieve your dreams.

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety While Job Seeking with Dr Yvette Vardy – Monday 19 October at 12:00pm

Learn how to manage negative emotions while job seeking or facing unemployment, how to make sound job-seeking decisions and use mindfulness when feeling stressed or anxious and practical tips and tricks to help you navigate job seeking or unemployment.

  • Mental Resilience Through Adversity – Wednesday 21 October at 12:00pm

Join Heath Ducker, Lawyer, and author of “A Room at the Top”, to hear his account of growing up facing hardships and adversity from a young age but coming out stronger to achieve his life goals and success.

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