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LabourIn Program

Do you have a short-term position that needs filling at your organisation? Our LabourIn program offers you a range of trained job seekers living with disabilities who are ready to work! LabourIn is Australia’s first labour hire offering that specialises in short-term labour for people with disabilities.

Did you know that almost half of people living with disability are unemployed? For those with autism, the rate of unemployment skyrockets to three times the rate of people with disability and almost six times the rate of people without disability.

The right people for the right jobs

Our job seekers have been trained as baristas, retail workers, business admin staff, warehouse packers, traffic controllers, cleaners and more! Willing and able to fill a role in your workplace, they offer many benefits to workplace productivity and culture.

How is this program different?

LabourIn is Australia’s first labour hire program that specialises in short-term employment for people with disabilities. The program enables companies to hire people with disability without a long-term commitment but at a fraction of the cost due to government funded wage subsidies, with the intention participants are placed in multiple jobs. 

The program is very cost effective for small to medium sized businesses. With subsidies it means a business pays less than 50% the normal competitive rate, while the participant still receives a normal hourly rate.

“Small and medium businesses can face a lot of stress needing to hire people for short-term work at the last minute and often don’t budget for additional head count. Thanks to subsidies, this program enables them to hire qualified people at an extremely affordable rate.” Group CEO, Marcella Romero.

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What are the benefits?

  • No lock-in contracts, no commitments, no obligations. You’re free to employ who you want and decide when you want them.
  • Staff who care! Studies show that by giving someone with a disability a chance, you can rest assured knowing that you will be adding a team member who genuinely appreciates the opportunity. This translated to great productivity, commitment and reliability.
  • Access to wage subsidies – Our candidates will earn a minimum of $24 per hour with the rest of the candidate’s wage being subsidised through LabourIn’s partnership with AimBig and the Federal Government’s DES program.
  • We handle the payroll tax, insurance, and super, ensuring you have minimal administration tasks.
  • We incorporate and tailor the specific training requirements for your business.
  • And lastly, the program assists you to meet your diversity targets.

How does it work?

If you have a short-term role that needs filling at your workplace, contact us today. Tell us your needs and we’ll review our pool of available and trained employees and get back to you with a shortlist.

With potential employees with disability representing such substantial opportunities to your workplace, it makes good business sense to ensure they are a part of your workforce!

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