The smarter, fairer and competitive way to employ staff.
LabourIn is a new and revolutionary employment program, designed to help businesses find and employ people living with disability, at just 50% of the competitive rate while the employee receives a full hourly award rate!
If you’re looking to fill a short-term placement or contract we have the people available.
We cover all types of work and industries from hospitality, traffic control, retail, business admin, cleaning, pick packing and so much more.
Through a strategic partnership with AimBig employment and the Federal Government’s Disability Employment Program (DES), LabourIn can offer your business experienced, capable and reliable staff for half of the competitive rate. 
What’s in it for you: 
  • No lock-in contracts, no commitments, no obligations. You’re free to employ who you want and within a time period that suits you. 
  • Staff who are passionate! Studies show that by giving someone with a disability a chance, you can rest assured knowing that you will be adding a team member who genuinely appreciates the opportunity. This translates to great productivity, commitment and reliability. 
  • Access to wage subsidies – providing an introductory offer of only 50% of the current competitive rate over a six-month period (compared to a typical labour hire company who generally charge $35+ an hour). Our candidates will earn a minimum of $24 per hour with the rest of the candidate’s wage being subsidised through LabourIn’s partnership with AimBig and the Federal Government’s DES program.
  • We handle the payroll tax, insurance, and super, ensuring you have minimal administration tasks.
  • We incorporate and tailor the specific training requirements for your business.
  • And lastly, the program assists you to meet your diversity targets.

We support a variety of businesses and industries and a range of positions including hospitality, traffic control, retail, business admin, cleaning, pick packing and so much more.

Contact us today and experience the opportunity to employ flexibly.

How it works


Step 1

You contact us regarding your requirements and needs, including your specific training requirements. 


Step 3

Your candidate receives ongoing support by our job coaches the employment period. 


Step 2

We put forward a short list of qualified candidates. 


Step 4

We look after all the paper work and invoice you monthly.

Your job gets done, easy!

Meet some of our job seekers

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