BusyBeans case study: Kristy at Ascender

AimBig BusyBeans barista Kristy at Ascender

BusyBeans barista Kristy has been working at Ascender since August 2019. During her time with the company, she’s brought vibrancy and helped boost morale at their new office in Mascot.

Her manager Olivia says she’s grown as a person with more confidence now than when she first started.

Ascender have believed in Kristy and helped her believe in herself. When they got a new coffee machine, she was apprehensive to use it at first. But after encouragement from her manager, Kristy has mastered the more complicated machine and continues to make delicious coffee for staff.

Kristy has been offered another 6 months with Ascender and couldn’t be happier. She says she’s never experienced such lovely colleagues who make her feel this comfortable before and is looking forward to continuing with the team into 2020.


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