Do you have a disability or mental health condition that is getting in the way of finding suitable employment?

At AimBig Employment we connect people seeking sustainable and meaningful work with the right employers. 

About Us

AimBig Employment is a national disability employment services (DES) provider. Using our 20+ years’ group experience, we found that a high proportion of people with injury, illness or disability are seeking or suitable for roles in the hospitality and food service industry.

About the Role

The BusyBeans barista program delivers knowledge and specialised skills through our coffee training centre. Participants learn techniques and customer service skills from experienced trainers.

Becoming a BusyBean allows you to:

  • build your confidence, resilience & workplace skills
  • become job-ready in a supportive & practical environment
  • gain work experience with on the job coaching and training
  • improve your standard of living
  • improve your physical and mental health

The BusyBeans Program is designed to gain you employment, by bringing together those looking for work with a nationwide ‘inclusive’ employer network. So you gain the work you love and the hours that suit you.

Start earning wages and enjoy the freedom and independence income offers. Whilst also building working relationships within a supportive and understanding organisation.

However when you join the BusyBeans community you also access ongoing support to help you along your journey of providing quality in house barista services.

The BusyBeans Program is bigger than quality in-house coffee. Becoming a BusyBean can offer ongoing, sustainable and meaningful employment for those living with disability, illness or injury.

Please note the location of our training cafe is in Frankston.

If this sounds like the type of role you were looking for, why wait APPLY NOW!

At AimBig, we start with the belief that we are all unique. What makes you special is what makes us special. And it’s why we support and value diversity and inclusion with all our staff, customers and suppliers through our commitment to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity.

What’s more, our reconciliation planning gives us our social conscience and competitive advantage to improve our corporate culture, client relations, recruitment and stakeholder engagement. It’s these individual skills, perspectives and experiences from different backgrounds that we believe lead to more innovative business practices. 

Are you looking for something a little different?

For AimBig, helping people is our number one priority. Whether it’s a physical (musculoskeletal) injury, a mental health issue, a disability or a health condition, our speciality is you and your capacity to work.

You see, our experience has found that employment plays a vital role in mental health and recovery after injury or illness, or while living with a disability or health condition. That’s why we look at the whole ‘you’ to help you back to work in a job that’s right for you.

Take the first step into a great job today – register now to let us help you on your journey to meaningful work!

Learn more & start the process now, at:

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