You’re not a number, so we’ll never treat you like one. It’s why our holistic social model looks at the whole person, to find the real you inside. Only then do we match you with the right job from our huge network of employers across Australia.

What’s more, since the very act of working is known to help people enjoy productive and active lives, we aim to tap into your individual personality, skills and experiences right from the get-go. Only then can we maximise your chances of happiness.

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We see the individual

Getting started

Right from the outset, you’ll be paired with a dedicated job coach who will:


Explain AimBig Employment’s services, resources and how you can receive them


Explain your rights and obligations as a job seeker


Provide an e-welcome pack of useful information about community links and resources


Ensure you are provided with the necessary DES program documents


Discuss your disability, injury or health condition and determine any barriers to work


Discuss the real you, your passions, goals and talents.

You’ll also have access to our in-house allied health professionals (like psychologists and physiotherapists) to help assess your capacity to meet your goals.

Let’s get to work

After meeting your dedicated job coach, you’ll start with a one-on-one interview before receiving an occupational assessment to determine your strengths, skills and interests. Now it’s time for your tailored job plan.

From short and long-term goals, to job seeking support and up-skilling via IT search skills, resumé writing, and interview assistance aligned with your career path, you’ll get the full treatment. There’s practical training, education and access to licensing. As well as online tools, you’ll have access to the tools of your trade. Programs like PaTH internships will get you work-ready, while links to community and support groups, training providers, and work trials will increase your skills and employability.

And since we’re bigger than employment, we’ll provide on-the-job training, all the necessary workplace modifications, and even teach you techniques to manage functional or psychological barriers to help you adjust.

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Post-placement support

Once you’ve secured a job, we’ll work with you and your employer to ensure your transition into your new role is seamless. In order to reach your placement goals and also enjoy your new position, your dedicated job coach will:

  • Develop a disability employment support placement plan so you and your employer understand roles and responsibilities
  • Be in contact with you face-to-face, via phone or video-chat, and with on-the-job training if required
  • Ensure your employer is trained to accommodate your needs including medical or other supports required
  • Provide allied health support including employment counselling and workplace modifications
  • Seek regular feedback from you, your employer your family or carer, and other support networks

Ongoing support

We understand your support needs will change as you become more comfortable and independent in your role. After you’ve maintained employment for 26 weeks, we’ll work with you and your employer to determine the level of ongoing support you require, with regular contact enabling us to assess the additional support you may need to work independently. Once you’re in the DES program, we can continue to support you beyond 26 weeks.


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