James Penman’s Journey with AimBig Employment

In the realm of success stories, James Penman’s journey with AimBig Employment stands out as a testament to resilience, determination, and the power of personalised support.

James commenced on his AimBig Employment journey in August 2022, a time marked by unemployment, homelessness, and a tent serving as his makeshift home, situated 30 minutes outside of town. Donna Hoare, his dedicated Job Coach, met James in September ready to guide James through the challenges he faced.

Despite initial hurdles, under Donna’s guidance, James began reporting correctly, instilling in him a newfound confidence. However, life threw an unexpected curveball when James’ partner suffered a stroke, leading to a two-month stay in Townsville Hospital. Throughout this challenging period, Donna remained a steadfast source of support, maintaining contact and ensuring James felt connected.

Upon returning to Mackay, James faced the urgent need for employment. Donna stepped in again, helping him secure casual employment. As months passed, James sought full-time employment to support his teenage son, now living with him. Donna and Business Development Manager Shannon Reynolds collaborated to get James in contact with Hornicks Removals.

James Penman secured full-time employment with Hornicks Removals, impressing his employers with his exceptional work ethic, punctuality, and a positive attitude that doesn’t go unnoticed. The employer’s admiration goes beyond the present—they’re invested in upskilling James with an HR license, opening avenues for transporting furniture interstate.

James’ journey showcases the transformative impact of AimBig Employment’s personalised and supportive approach. It’s not just about finding a job; it’s about empowering individuals like James to overcome adversity.

If you want to unlock your potential like James, enquire today.

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