The importance of work socialisation: what the BusyBeans program brings to Australian workplaces

Importance of work socialisation

The whole premise of the BusyBeans program was envisioned and developed to connect people through coffee. Getting involved in this program is beneficial for our BusyBeans baristas with disabilities, their families, workplaces and their staff.

Disability in the workplace

We’ve found that staff in organisations who may not have had much interaction with someone with autism or another intellectual disability learn a lot through onboarding a BusyBeans barista.

Unfortunately, there’s still a big stigma around people with disability. What we’re achieving in the BusyBeans program is breaking down pre-conceived notions of what people with disability can and can’t do.

Benefits of socialisation in the workplace

Socialising in the workplace with people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences enriches workplace culture and productivity. BusyBeans baristas learn from their new workplace environments when placed as in-house baristas, while other staff learn from one of our dedicated baristas with disability. Being able to learn about interacting with someone with autism and seeing beyond their disability as a member of staff.

Many of the BusyBeans program participants have seen a remarkable change in their confidence and work abilities throughout the process of the program. From meeting peers in training, to gaining confidence in baristas skills, to being placed in supportive workplaces we have seen many transformations since the program started in December 2018. Here are some other benefits of workplace socialisation for workplaces:

Increased diversity and inclusion

The BusyBeans program offers increased diversity and inclusion within workplaces by placing baristas with disability into organisations as their in-house baristas.

Outside of the contexts of family and friends, people spend the majority of their social time at work. Having a diverse range of employees within workplaces broadens people’s knowledge of others. This will strengthen your workplace’s investment in diversity and inclusion and CSR strategy.

Stronger relationships and company culture

Instead of going out to buy coffee every day as many staff do, the BusyBeans baristas offer quality coffee and a chance for employees to socialise with someone they might not normally. Through the duration of the program thus far, we’ve found that this leads to building strong social connections between staff and, in turn, enhancing company culture.

After all, success is hard to come by if your company culture isn’t strong.

Improved collaboration

Socialisation between a diverse range of employees within workplaces leads to improved communication, a better understanding of each employee and flexibility. All of which result in better collaboration.

Being exposed to people with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses teaches employees how to collaborate to the benefit of everyone. BusyBeans baristas are the right tool that allows effective communication and collaborate, allowing employees to connect personally and learn to collaborate.

Employee Retention

Employee turnover is something many workplaces have faced. It can be time-consuming, disruptive and expensive. Luckily, encouraging relationship-building within workplaces leads to an increase in employee retention. Employees are less likely to leave a role if they have strong social connections.


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