We have supported thousands of job seekers living with disability into meaningful employment with employers that understand their needs. Often, it’s a match made in heaven and the working relationship continues to thrive. However, there are times where employers and job seekers needs do not always match, meaning it can be difficult for people with disability to find their next opportunity.

An employer may be looking for someone full time, whereas the job seeker may have certain requirements meaning they can only work part-time with reduced hours. Employers are often stuck in the mindset that one employee must be able to do it all, and on the contrary, job seekers can only complete certain tasks, often limited by physical disabilities and mental health conditions.

So… employers want to hire someone full time, and job seekers only want to work part-time to meet their requirements. What is the solution?

Part-time job sharing.

A relatively new idea, part-time job-sharing means that two employees work reduced hours to fulfill the duties that typically one full-time employee can complete. For people with disability, having a coworker to share tasks can mean the difference between unemployment and thriving in the workforce. Having two employees that complement each other means for a productive, cohesive and successful working arrangement.

Acting Area Manager Joy Hancock has seen great outcomes from part-time job-sharing arrangements, asserting that COVID-19 has played a large role in the demand for part-time work.

“Since COVID-19, we are seeing a higher demand from job seekers for flexible working, including job sharing and options to work in the office or from home. Job sharing is usually more common in administrative roles and with return-to-work mums with disability who want to maintain some work-life balance, but also suits participants that come to us with certain requirements.”

Although it is designed to cater to the needs of job seekers, employers also benefit from part-time job-sharing arrangements.

“I hear from multiple businesses each week saying that they cannot find workers for various roles. They have production lines, manufacturing plants, warehouses and office roles vacant, and they cannot find people to fill the vacancy.

We work with them to break down the requirements and discuss whether job share is a possible option. Sharing a role broadens the talent pool to pick potential employees from and having flexibility within the workplace attracts more potential workers. Once the initial shock of doing things differently wears off, it is fantastic to see how a business can not only survive but thrive.”

Offering flexibility while promoting productivity, part-time job sharing is a solution to the traditional 9-5 requirements that some people living with disability cannot meet.

Reach out to AimBig Employment today and find out how part-time job sharing could be the right fit for you or for your businesses recruitment needs.

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