Good For Business – Hiring People With Disability.

Employing a job seeker with disability is not just good for the soul, it’s good for business. There are a range of benefits to hiring someone with disability, whereby employers can unlock a new talent pool of dedicated, hard-working individuals, while gaining access to government funding for wages and workplace modifications.

However, for many employers looking to recruit, knowing where to start and how to access information and funding is challenging.

Under the Government’s Disability Employment Services (DES) program, the team at AimBig Employment provide a no-cost recruitment service to employers to help build confidence in employing people with disability. Our skilled job coaches have worked with thousands of employers across the nation, where our specialised teams are focused on building mutually beneficial, lasting relationships so that one point of contact is always available.

For starters, why hire someone with disability?

More and more people with disability are joining the Australian workforce, but many businesses are yet to recognise the value of this talent pool.

Research depicts that people with disability:

  • Have fewer days off
  • Have fewer WHS issues
  • Are more loyal to their employers
  • Think outside of the box
  • Boost workplace morale

Ok, now where do I start?

Reach out to your local AimBig office and set up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable job coaches to chat about your business needs.

The job coach will prompt you to think about what role you are looking to hire. For instance, are you looking for an all-rounder, or someone for specific role? Will this person be facing customers, or is it a more behind the scenes role?

A tool that we have found excellent for employers and their employees to prepare for onboarding an individual with disability is to undergo diversity and inclusion training. Although it isn’t mandatory, employers we have worked with have found it beneficial in creating an inclusive environment.

AimBig offers this service free of charge, with the aim to educate your workforce on the needs of people with disability, looking at what kind of language and behaviour is appropriate and more. This promotes a safe, happy, and productive environment, and is something that can be applied beyond the workplace.

After evaluating your business needs, you can then start the recruitment process with AimBig.

But where can I hire someone with disability?

Unlocking a new talent pool is a real benefit to hiring people with disability, but it’s also knowing where to find candidates.

You can lodge a job vacancy for a person with disability through a Disability Employment Service provider, such as AimBig Employment.

At AimBig Employment, we have a portfolio of enthusiastic job seekers that are motivated to work. When partnering with us, we will source candidates to find the best fit for the role at hand. We then screen and interview applicants to bring you the most appropriate potential employees that meet your business needs.

What kind of funding is there to access?

Accessing funding is what makes hiring people with disability accessible to every employer, no matter your business size. Through hiring a job seeker with disability, you can access government-funded wage subsidies, covering up to 99% of your new starter’s wages (depending on the individual). There is also funding available to make modifications in your workplace that can accommodate your new starter. This can be minor changes to the office, new tools, or equipment, adapting a work vehicle or bringing new technology on board.

When you work with AimBig, we look after all things funding so you can focus on onboarding your employee.

What kind of support do I need to provide?

When employing a person with disability, providing support is key to their success. The main supports you will need to provide would be workplace modifications and creating an inclusive environment for your new starter.

A different type of support that is worth highlighting is employer support. We offer ongoing support with both employers and new starters. We will maintain regular contact and assistance up to the 1-year mark to ensure your new starter has settled into the workplace and their needs are met, and to answer any queries you may have.


At AimBig Employment, we understand your business needs because we’ve helped thousands of other employers just like you to find dedicated, hardworking staff with disability. Chat with us today and let us find the right fit for your business.

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