Gabriel and the Golden Arches

Knowing exactly what you want to do for work is something a lot of people take for granted. In reality, it’s often a challenging and incredibly daunting prospect for many. This can often create a barrier to finding work and sometimes just sitting down to chat with one of our friendly AimBig job coaches can be just the trick.

Jobseeker Gabriel was in this very common but equally frustrating position of not being clear on what he wanted to do for work. He approached AimBig having no previous work history or work-related skills and so was starting with a fresh slate. One of AimBig’s job coaches referred Gabriel to Employment Skills Training in order to build up his confidence to allow him to narrow and improve his job searching skills.

The training course ended up paying off as Gabriel has just started his first job at McDonalds as a Crew Member. We are thrilled to hear that as they are famous for saying at the golden arches, ‘he’s lovin it’.

If any of Gabriel’s story has resonated with you and you’re feeling uncertain about what to do next, then AimBig is here to help. We work alongside you to navigate through the world of job searching. Get in touch with one of our friendly job coaches by submitting an enquiry here.

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