A dream come true for Danial

The AimBig team are often exhibiting at disability expos all over Australia with the hope of connecting with participants. It was this way that we were able to meet Danial. Following meeting with the AimBig team at the Gold Coast Disability Expo earlier last year, Danial visited the AimBig Surfer’s Paradise office keen and eager to find a role. 

His dream from the very beginning was to work for Village Roadshow Theme Parks and being located on the Gold Coast meant that this was well within reach. Elizabeth, one of the job coaches at AimBig spoke with Danial and worked with him to complete the forms and requirements for Centrelink. 

Once all the paperwork had been done, Danial met with Elizabeth again to create his resume so that he was well equipped to apply for the role on Seek. Then came the phone call asking him to interview! Naturally Danial was a little nervous about interviewing for his dream role, so Elizabeth worked with him to prepare. She took Danial to buy some new clothes, drove him to the interview as well as briefed the hiring manager, Graham on the fact that this was Danial’s dream job. 

Thankfully, Graham loved Danial and was really impressed by him in the interview. So much so that they offered him the job! Danial was absolutely thrilled that he would soon have the opportunity to work at a theme park, something that he has wanted for such a long time.  

To make sure he knew he had support all the way, AimBig Job Coach, Elizabeth drove Danial to get his uniform and took him to the theme park for his first day on the job. Danial’s role requires him to look after the tables and the courtyard as well as ensure that the guests have a great day out. 

A few weeks into the role, Elizabeth called Graham to find out how Danial was doing in his new job. Graham, Danial’s new manager said he was happy with Danial and that he is a very hard worker. He’s been partnered with a buddy to help him settle into his position. Danial’s always willing to learn new things and is always helpful with the guests visiting the park. The staff at Wet’n’Wild are very happy to have Danial in their team. 

We’re so thrilled that Danial has been able to achieve his dream! After just two weeks partnering with AimBig, he was able to commence working at Wet’n’Wild, where every day is an adventure! 

If you’re looking for your next move, get in touch with one of AimBig’s friendly job coaches to see how they can help you get there.

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