Discover an untapped market of candidates when partnering with AimBig Employment

Hiring a person with disability to meet your business requirements is a win for everyone, and AimBig Employment can support you in finding the right fit.

Finding great staff shouldn’t be a mission, so we’ve made it ours to support employers to recruit excellent candidates to excel as team members. We work with you to access a variety of government funded programs, as well as offering our own tailored assistance to find, train and support the right employees into your business.


Why Hire Someone with a Disability?

We have one statistic to tell you that will change the way you think about hiring people with disability. 4 in 10 Australians are living with or have experienced disability.

In Australia, over 4.4 million people live with or have experienced a disability: that’s 1 in 5 people.

By widening the talent pool to include people with mental health conditions, physical injuries and disabilities, you unlock an untapped market of reliable, motivated and job-ready individuals.

You also increase your presence as a diverse organisation, trademarking your business as a future employee brand of choice.


Where could I hire someone with disability?

Unlocking a new talent pool is a real benefit to hiring people with disability, but it’s also knowing where to find candidates.

You can lodge a job vacancy for a person with disability through a Disability Employment Service provider, such as AimBig Employment.

Hiring a person with disability may be a new experience for you. Luckily, when you work with AimBig Employment, you’re working with an expert in disability employment services.


What can I expect when working with AimBig?

Your local AimBig team member will guide you on this journey, helping you support your new starter for mutual success and happiness.

You can expect:

  • Pre-screened, job ready candidates with the skills to match role requirements.
  • Post placement and ongoing support to ensure retention and suitability.
  • Overseeing necessary pre-employment supports, assessments, modifications or training
  • Education of government funding, access to subsidies and supports
  • Regular check ins to talk about new starter’s progress.

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