DES appoints experienced provider Rehab Management to new panel from July

Rehab Management, has been appointed as a Disability Employment Services (DES) Panel provider...

Rehab Management, has been appointed as a Disability Employment Services (DES) Panel provider. Commencing 1 July 2018, Rehab Management will strengthen its work in the disability sector across Australia by supporting people with disability to gain and maintain meaningful employment.

“We are proud and privileged to be selected to partner with the Department of Social Services through the DES program,” said Managing Director, Marcella Romero.

“We’ve been providing extensive employment and rehabilitation services for more than 20 years, so we are well equipped to focus on client needs, across specialist and generalist streams. We’re also honoured to be selected as the only company, to be servicing the physical disability (musculoskeletal) specialist stream, nationally”.

Following extensive community consultation, as part of the 2017 reform, the DES program will now focus on participant choice in providing immediate access to tailored services for job seekers whose disability is assessed as the primary impediment to their gaining employment. Rehab Management will help these people to secure suitable employment in the open labour market.

Romero said that “her award-winning company with a strong local presence in every state and territory has been successful in the past through its commitment to a whole-person approach”.

“Our team of experienced professionals look forward to working across 58 employment service areas with the runs on the board to really add value to people with disabilities and employers by finding suitable and meaningful employment. Our services cover every contingency and are tailored and proactive, plus we invest heavily in technology to make sure we’re up to date and can reach Australians everywhere – urban, rural or remote.”

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