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Wasan AimBig Job Coach

What does an AimBig Employment Job Coach do, exactly? Find out as you read what one of our Senior Job Coaches has to say about why she loves her role. Wasan talks about how she helps people achieve their dreams of finding the perfect job, or their goal of moving on to a different career or industry.

What does a Job Coach do?

I coach jobseekers to be ready for employment. I do this by assessing their barriers and addressing them one by one. An example of a barrier might be that the jobseeker can only work a few hours each day. Together with the jobseeker, I work out what their medical conditions are and establish what form of employment would suit their capabilities. We’re very much about capabilities rather than disabilities.

Also, in instances where jobseekers haven’t worked in a job recently or at all, I arrange for them to do a course to help their chances of finding sustainable employment. If they’re suitable, I might refer someone to a program like BusyBeans. That’s designed to give a participant experience in employment basics as a coffee barista so they can build their confidence and customer service (working with people) experience in a workplace.

Have long have you been a Job Coach?

I’ve been a Job Coach with AimBig Employment since November 2018, but before that I was an employment consultant for more than eight years.

Why did you choose this line of work?

No single day is ever the same. Every day comes with different challenges but it’s such a rewarding role to play in turning someone’s life around. The smiles on their faces when they get the job they want, or complete a course is very satisfying. In most cases, jobseekers don’t have the confidence in themselves to do it alone. I’m here to help them find and complete training or achieve an outcome they never thought was possible – especially people with disability who are under-employed and very keen to be loyal workers. There are always hurdles along the way, but our jobseekers understand that we’re here to support them so they can succeed.

What is most satisfying about your job?

The most satisfying thing about my job is that I can say that I have been part of someone’s journey to success. I’ve helped someone turn around all of their challenges and rise above and beyond to achieve an outcome that will change their life.

What have you learned about AimBig’s clients through this role?

As a disability employment service provider, our jobseekers come along with their own trials. Every one is an individual – our clientele is diverse. Our whole focus is on supporting people with disability in whatever way possible to achieve the best outcomes for them. We work hard to overturn any disadvantage or obstacle so they can achieve their goal.   

What skills have you learned yourself since becoming a Job Coach?

I’ve learned to be patient, polite and understanding. I need to think on the spot and provide the right information at the right time. Being a Job Coach is a demanding role but it’s by the far the most rewarding I’ve ever done, especially when your jobseeker gets the result they’ve been aiming for.

What does a Job Coach do in a typical day?

No day is typical. Every day presents its own challenges but here’s a list of some of the tasks I do in my role as a job coach:

  • Meet jobseekers for contact appointments
  • Arrange interviews for jobseekers
  • Support jobseekers with Centrelink appointments
  • Support jobseekers at work where and when needed
  • Refer jobseekers to training or short courses
  • Give jobseekers referrals to allied health and services
  • Market the jobseeker to potential employers
  • Contact local communities to find opportunities for jobseekers
  • Respond to incoming calls or emails – queries from jobseekers or others
  • Make sure we’re complying with all the laws and expectations in this industry.

Thanks to Wasan Lupi-Spencer, Senior Job Coach, for her help with this article.

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