Crafting success: Malcolm’s Venture into Carpentry Apprenticeship

Malcolm Kyle’s journey with AimBig Employment, guided by Job Coach Jacinda, is a testament to his commitment to overcoming barriers and achieving dreams.

When Malcolm first entered Jacinda’s caseload, he carried the weight of depression, disengagement, and felt that he had limited prospects. Barriers such as a sparse work history, skills, and goals, transportation issues, job-seeking skills, and accommodation challenges seemed insurmountable. Undeterred, Jacinda took on the task of mentoring Malcolm.

Through dedication and hard work, Malcolm’s confidence and motivation grew. The pinnacle of his success was securing a full-time Carpentry Apprenticeship—an accomplishment that marked a significant life goal for Malcolm. As his Job Coach, Jacinda played a pivotal role in supporting Malcolm through mock interviews and providing ongoing assistance to bolster his confidence.

Recognising the financial stress that can accompany the start of a new job, Jacinda ensured Malcolm’s smooth transition into employment. He received tools, workwear, and a fuel card, relieving him of additional financial burdens. Malcolm’s journey from the initial stages of depression to securing an apprenticeship is a testament to his resilience and the impactful support provided by AimBig Employment.

Malcolm’s dedication is evident in his regular visits to the AimBig office, where he updates Jacinda on his apprenticeship progression. A proud and successful young Indigenous man, Malcolm not only fulfills his personal aspirations but also makes his family proud. Grateful for the opportunities AimBig has provided, Malcolm acknowledges the assistance that has empowered him to strive for excellence.

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