Conquering language barriers and health hurdles

Ya Ling defied all odds, prevailing over language barriers and health setbacks to achieve unparalleled success.

From their first encounter with AimBig Employment’s Business Development Consultant, Rebecca, it was clear that effective communication posed a challenge due to Ya Ling’s limited proficiency in English. On top of this, she grappled with persistent joint and back pain, requiring a steady medication regimen to alleviate her discomfort.

In the initial three months, a strategic plan was put into place to cater to Ya Ling’s twin needs – enhancing her English language proficiency and prioritising her health management. During this phase, Ya Ling invested substantial time in mastering English, fortified by intensive three-day-a-week sessions conducted through the PPT platform. Simultaneously, Rebecca was responsible for closely monitoring her health, advocating for physiotherapy to complement her ongoing medical treatment.

As her health condition gradually stabilized, the focus shifted to the next chapter of Ya Ling’s journey. Throughout this critical juncture, Rebecca played a pivotal role, Ya Ling and Rebecca embarked on a transformative path marked by continuous English language improvement and the pursuit of suitable light-duty job opportunities.

As the conduit between local employers and job seekers, Rebecca facilitated crucial connections that would prove instrumental in shaping Ya Ling’s trajectory. A series of introductions led to interactions with four distinct employers, resulting in multiple interviews highlighting Ya Ling’s determination. Eventually, a trial position at the Watergardens sushi shop was secured a back-of-house Dining Crew member.

The inaugural month at Watergardens proved to be a turning point for Ya Ling. Demonstrating remarkable adaptability and an unparalleled work ethic, she rapidly transitioned into the role of a versatile General Hand. This marked a significant milestone in her quest for independence and professional fulfilment, as she adeptly balanced her 15 hours per week of employment responsibilities.

Ya Ling Hoan’s remarkable victory over the obstacles posed by language barriers and health adversities is a testament to her ability to transcend challenges.

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