How to choose the right DES provider for you

What is a DES provider?

A Disability Employment Services (DES) provider, like AimBig, helps people with disability, health conditions or injury prepare for work, find work and keep work.

DES providers are all experienced in helping people with disability find work and assist employers to support their employees with disability in the workplace. It’s our job to help people find a job, keep it and thrive in it.

Through funding from the Australian Government, DES providers offer our services for free to help jobseekers in their journey.

What does a DES provider do?

DES providers help job seekers get ready for work with:

  • writing resumes
  • interview skills training
  • job skills training

DES helps employees with disability with ongoing support regarding:

  • Auslan services
  • modifying the workplace
  • on the job training
  • employer and co-worker communication

What to look for in a DES provider

There are a great many things to consider when choosing the right DES provider for you. Here are the top 5 you should consider.

Individual support

Offering individual support and getting to know each job seeker’s unique needs helps DES providers place people in the right jobs for them. By working closely with you to understand your needs before you’re placed in a job and after you’ve found employment, we can determine if you need additional support to meet the requirements of your new job.

Individual support doesn’t stop once you’ve secured a job. DES providers should actively stay in touch with you to ensure you feel supported in your new role. This step is crucial to ensuring long term, meaningful employment.

Dedicated employment consultants

Your Employment Consultant (EC) should be dedicated to understanding your unique needs, barriers and concerns so they can empower you to achieve your employment goals.

A good employment consultant is dedicated to your journey and will work with you to overcome any barriers you may have to employment. This can involve sourcing additional training, helping your desired employer modify their workplace for you or communicating with your future employer and co-workers on your behalf.

Proactive and committed

Your employment consultant should be proactive in finding you job opportunities that suit your needs and committed to trying multiple options if your first choice doesn’t work out. They should do this in a positive, proactive way that works for you.

Part of this commitment to you is creating a job plan that is tailored to your unique needs and skills. A good employment consultant is always on the front foot. They should develop a job plan that outlines your barriers, goals and a plan that details how you’re going to achieve them together. At AimBig, we look at different pathways to employment, including our innovative programs BusyBeans, CreativeStart and LabourIn. We understand everyone is unique and a single process to achieving employment will not work for everyone.


Finding a DES provider who is transparent in their operations is a must. AimBig is grounded in listening and understanding to support the unique goals of our unique job seekers. Part of this includes complete transparency with our job seekers, their families and our employer connections.

But, if you feel your provider doesn’t take your feedback on board or is withholding information from you, you have plenty of competitors to choose from. You can even contact the Department of Social Services (DSS) if you feel they are in breach of the DES Code of Practice.

Great connections

Having a range of employer connections is important for a DES provider. Both for the jobseeker looking for the right job and the employer looking for the right staff. AimBig is part of a larger group of companies, including Rehab Management with over 20 years’ experience working with people with disabilities.

Once a job plan is agreed on by you and your employment consultant, the next step is for us to connect you with employers ready to hire. This will be to set up work trials to help you see if the job is the right fit for you or not.

This is why having great connections with a range of employers to place you with, especially if you want to try a number of different workplaces or industries, is vital.

How to choose a DES provider

DES gives participants choice in the services they receive and how they want to receive them.

If you are a DES participant, you can choose your preferred provider when you first enter the program. At your first Centrelink appointment, you’ll have an opportunity to review providers in your area and choose one you think best meets your needs.

Get started with AimBig

For AimBig, helping people is our number one priority. Whether it’s a physical or intellectual disability, mental health issue or physical (musculoskeletal) injury, our specialty is you and your capacity to work. We look at the whole ‘you’ to help you back to work in a job that’s right for you.

With our group’s 20+ years’ experience working with people with disability to achieve their employment outcomes, we know the industry. If you’re looking for a great DES provider, we want to hear from you.

With offices across Australia, our staff are close by to give you the support you need. We also utilise technology to service regional Australia with award winning cloud-based communication tools. We like to stay in touch with you every step of the way. Contact us on 1300 034 997 to find out how we can help you.

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