A day in the life of a Central Support Manager

AimBig Employment Central Support Manager, Chiara, tells us more about why she loves her role and the culture at AimBig Employment.

What does an AimBig Employment Central Support Manager do? Find out as you read what one of our managers has to say about why she loves her role and the culture at AimBig Employment.

What does a Central Support Manager do?

I manage the Central Support Team for AimBig Employment. This includes the Claims Team, Post Placement Support Team, Compliance Team, Customer Service Team and the Admin Team. All of us help our job seekers on their journey to finding meaningful employment. I have two fantastic Team Leaders who share the same passion and drive for AimBig as I do (Phoebe and Natasha) and they help to make my job easier!

Have long have you been a Central Support Manager?

I was lucky enough to be offered a role as Claims Manager with AimBig in July 2018. At the time, I wasn’t sure if this was the right decision as it meant moving to Sydney (from QLD) and starting work with a brand new disability employment services (DES) provider! Little did I know that AimBig would grow to be the market leader it is today! I became the Central Support Manger in October 2018. Looking back now, that was the best decision I have ever made.

Why did you choose this line of work?

I started off working in this industry over 10 years ago as an Employment Consultant (Job Coach). I quickly realised my passion was in claims and progressed to working as a Claims Officer and then onto Claims Team management. I have always had a passion for the DES industry and love working for a company that makes a difference to peoples’ lives.

What does a Central Support Manager do in a typical day?

My typical day includes reviewing the productivity and progress of the Central Support Team against their targets, implementing strategies and working very closely with the team to drive and achieve the team goals.

What is most satisfying about your job?

As most people know, I love working for AimBig Employment! I genuinely care about the meaningful work AimBig and the Arriba Group are doing as a whole and love being part of the Arriba team.

I have always loved the DES industry, but AimBig brings that bit extra to the role. I have been with AimBig since the start of their contract and its been such an amazing experience watching the team grow and expand into the strong market leader it is today.

I love the culture, drive and motivation everyone has here at AimBig. Everyone works hard and really has a passion for their roles and a drive to succeed. AimBig gives staff the freedom to innovate, make their own decisions and implement new strategies across the business. I’m surrounded by highly driven people who are passionate about their roles and the Arriba Group make it a fun and productive place to work.

What skills have you learned yourself since becoming a Central Support Manager?

Working for AimBig has helped me learn, be more efficient and implement innovative ways of working. We are not a standard DES provider and our innovative ideas help us stand out from the other providers and achieve fantastic results for people looking for jobs.

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