Celebrating Daniel’s Growing Success

No matter how difficult you think your barriers to employment are, AimBig is here to help you find meaningful and sustainable employment. We work with you as an individual to understand your unique needs, skills and passions and we tailor our services to help you achieve your employment goals.

Daniel came to AimBig in January 2020 as the last attempt after many negative experiences with other DES providers. Michael, Daniel’s dad, had not been satisfied with the service of other providers and felt they weren’t interested in finding Daniel employment and always put him in the ‘too hard’ basket.

After Daniel came to AimBig, he was paired with Job Coach Rebekah Burgstaller, who is based in our Wyoming office in NSW. Daniel has many significant intellectual barriers, he is on the high end of the Autism Spectrum which contributes to his physical and behavioural difficulties. After Rebekah’s initial meeting with Daniel and Michael, she was confident that with some time she could help Daniel gain employment despite his many barriers.

Daniel’s ESAt (employment services assessment) had been recorded incorrectly and he was at a level 1 with an 8-hour benchmark, in other words, he was receiving the lowest funding level. Rebekah worked with other AimBig staff to have his funding level lifted and finally got it boosted into a level 2.

After boosting his funding, Rebekah reached out to Kathy, an employer at Wyoming Community Centre whom she had worked with previously and explained Daniel’s situation. Kathy was keen to meet Daniel and his father for an initial interview. Daniel was successful in gaining employment on a permanent part-time basis for 8 hours per week. This is the first time Daniel has ever been employed.

Daniel assists the Wyoming Community Centre staff with gardening duties – it is his responsibility to keep the grounds well maintained and clear of debris. He also assists with general maintenance within the building and on the grounds as he is very handy and enjoys fixing things.

We talked to Rebekah about Daniel’s progress:

“All the staff love having Daniel there as he is very attentive and extremely helpful with anything the staff may need at any given time. Kathy told me that he is a very sweet-natured boy and he is always very accommodating no matter what needs doing. All the office ladies think he is very sweet and gentle natured.”

At AimBig Employment, we have over 20 years of experience finding job seekers meaningful work and are motivated by clients such as Daniel to provide outstanding services to people of all abilities, no matter the barriers they may face.

Looking for a DES provider that understands your unique needs, skills and passions to find you meaningful employment? Talk to our friendly staff today!

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