Choose a career with us and you’ll gain access to a range of benefits like:

  • a variety of flexible work arrangements
  • transfer, secondment and promotional opportunities
  • performance incentives to reward achievements
  • annual professional development allowance
  • a switched-on, supportive workplace culture
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • latest laptop, phone, technology and platforms
  • community service leave
  • annual recognition awards

Above all, working with AimBig Employment and unlocks access to making a significant difference in people’s lives.

Benefits of working at AimBig

One workplace culture

We maintain a motivated, client-focused workplace culture, based on quality, achievement, continuous improvement and innovation.

We value the health and wellbeing of our staff, and that means recognising how workplace culture affects the business – and customer outcomes.

At AimBig Employment you’ll find:

  • a respectful workplace culture that values diversity and inclusion
  • national footprint with a local focus and community connections
  • focus on innovation and technology to deliver cutting-edge services and support
  • high-performing teams with the customer experience at heart
  • sustainable caseloads (below industry standard) to ensure quality services
  • a concern for corporate social responsibility
  • regular celebrations of milestones, initiatives and events
  • flexible work options
  • effective on-going training and mentoring
  • learning opportunities to support your continuing professional development.

As an industry leader, we place a high importance on people, and this is reflected in our commitment to trust and respect for the individuals who support our values.

We’re committed to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity.


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