AimBig Employment is a national disability employment services (DES) provider. Using our 20+ years’ group experience, we found that a high proportion of people with injury, illness or disability are seeking or suitable for roles in the hospitality and food service industry.

The BusyBeans barista program delivers knowledge and specialised skills through our coffee training centre. Participants learn techniques and customer service skills from experienced trainers.

Becoming a BusyBean allows you to:

  • build your confidence, resilience & workplace skills
  • become job ready in a supportive & practical environment
  • gain work experience with on the job coaching and training
  • improve your standard of living
  • improve your physical and mental health

The BusyBeans Program is designed to gain you employment, by bringing together those looking for work with a nationwide ‘inclusive’ employer network. So you gain the work you love and the hours that suit you.

Start earning wages and enjoy the freedom and independence income offers. Whilst also building working relationships within a supportive and understanding organisation.

However when you join the BusyBeans community you also access ongoing support to help you along your journey of providing quality in house barista services.

The BusyBeans Program is bigger than quality in-house coffee. Becoming a BusyBean can offer ongoing, sustainable and meaningful employment for those living with disability, illness or injury.

Meet Harley

Harley was placed as a barista in our sister company Rehab Management in December 2018. This was pilot opportunity for BusyBeans to identify any gaps in the program and on-the-job training.

What we found was so much more than a great barista. Harely has an intellectual disability, Austism Spectrum Disorder and minimal work experience. After completing his barista training Harley now works 2 days per week from 9am-1pm:

  • Making delicious coffee for staff and workplace visitors
  • Ensuring the kitchen environment is clean
  • Interacting with staff to build his social skills
  • Using our coffee ordering app to notify staff of coffee orders and log his daily coffee tally

Harley is now an invaluable staff member at Rehab Management, confidently catches public transport to the office for his shift and works autonomously.


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