Due to COVID-19 the BusyBeans program is currently on hold. We look forward to resuming this program in future.

The BusyBeans Program is bigger than quality in-house coffee. Becoming a BusyBean can offer ongoing, sustainable and meaningful employment for those living with disability, illness or injury.

The BusyBeans barista program delivers knowledge and specialised skills through our coffee training centre. Participants learn techniques and customer service skills from experienced trainers. 

Start earning wages and enjoy the freedom and independence income offers. Whilst also building working relationships within a supportive and understanding organisation.

Harley’s Story

How it works


Step 1

Job-seekers apply online, and if they qualify they’ll be put on a placement plan with an AimBig consultant


Step 2

We organise for the BusyBeans to attend Barista training at our coffee training centre, learning technique and customer service


Step 3

After training we find placement for our BusyBeans, where they’ll develop their technique and customer service skills

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