Our BusyBeans Program assists job seekers to build the skills and capacity to become job ready in a supportive, practical environment.

The program gives people living with disability the knowledge and specialised skills to become quality baristas. One of our skilled BusyBeans baristas is then matched with your company to provide you with an in-house barista service.

Why BusyBeans?

The Benefits

As an employer, the BusyBeans program allows your business to access a wide talent pool of highly committed and loyal job seekers.

But BusyBeans is so much more than a quality, in-house barista service. In fact, we see coffee as a means to alter perceptions, improve workplace relationships and be the social hub of any office.

At the conclusion of the program, our job seekers are confident, resilient and have gained a universal skill in a supportive environment preparing them for ongoing and sustainable employment.


Improving workplace relationships

You may find that workplace morale and engagement is enhanced as staff get a chance to celebrate diversity


Workplace productivity

Research shows people with disability have fewer WHS issues and take less days off


Reaching targets

If your workplace has disability employment targets, the BusyBeans program can assist in achieving those targets

Meet Harley

Harley is a 21 year old with an intellectual disability – Autism Spectrum Disorder. After completing his barista training, Harley was placed as a barista in our sister company Rehab Management, working in the office two days a week from 9am-1pm. 

What we found was so much more than a great barista. In a few short months, Harley has learnt how to make delicious coffee, interacts with staff to build his social skills and has worked on his digital skills using our coffee ordering app. 

Besides this, Harley also confidently catches public transport to the office and works autonomously. Harley has quickly become an invaluable staff member at Rehab Management.

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