BusyBeans: making coffee, changing lives

BusyBeans is so much more than a quality, in-house barista service. It’s giving people with disability the opportunity to learn new skills, build confidence and find meaningful employment as baristas.

Our launch of the program last week was a huge success. The energy and excitement on the morning was phenomenal. I loved witnessing the firsthand enthusiasm from our participants and guests who shared anecdotes and stories over coffee.


Disability in the workplace

Did you know the unemployment rate for people with autism in Australia is 31.6%?

Unfortunately, there’s still a big stigma around people with disability. What we’re achieving in this program is breaking down pre-conceived notions of what people with disability can and can’t do.

We’ve found that staff in organisations who may not have had much interaction with someone with autism or another intellectual disability learn a lot through onboarding a BusyBeans barista. The whole premise of the program was developed based on this concept and to connect people through coffee. Getting involved in this program is beneficial for our BusyBeans baristas, their families, workplaces and their staff.

Meet Harley

Some of our talented BusyBeans baristas joined us on our launch day. This included Harley who works at our Group head office in the city and was the first participant in the BusyBeans program. He’s been with us since December last year and has brought so much joy and positive energy to our culture, not to mention he makes a mean long black (my drink of choice). We don’t know what we’d do without him!


Making coffee, changing lives

What sets the BusyBeans program apart is how we’re tapping into a market that isn’t often touched. By giving people with disability a safe, pressure-free environment to learn a new skill, we’re setting them up for success in the workplace.

A win for participants. Being fully trained as baristas and able to find employed in the open market, we’re empowering our BusyBeans baristas not only with the ability to earn an income, but with social confidence too.

A win for family, friends and carers. The support network around someone with disability is crucial. Through the BusyBeans program, this support network can see the positive impact having employment has on their person with disability. Confidence, social skills and purpose through employment.

A win for employers. By employing a BusyBeans barista, organisations increase their office morale, learn about the importance of diversity and inclusion, achieve their corporate social responsibility targets and invest in a financially-viable business model that benefits staff and the barista with disability.

Visit www.aimbigemployment.com.au/busybeans to hire or learn more about the BusyBeans program.


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