With many stores currently recruiting for Christmas Casuals, now is the perfect time to think about securing casual work as it can be a major boost for your resume. Christmas casual positions begin to fill throughout November, so now is the time to get job-ready with AimBig. Working over this period can teach you many valuable things about yourself and can help you prepare for your future career. Here are 5 reasons why you should apply for a Christmas casual job now!


  1. Time To Upskill Yourself!

When looking for a Christmas casual job, think about skills that can help you in the upcoming year. For example, if you are interested in starting a career in retail or hospitality, securing a casual role over Christmas will get your foot in the door and allow you to learn the ropes. It is a proactive way to add skills and experience to your resume. Anything that pushes you to gain new skills and thrive in a working environment is an invaluable asset for your future career.

AimBig is here to help get you job-ready for the Christmas trade through our free online short courses in Hospitality and Retail. Our courses develop your education to be equipped with the training necessary to succeed in Hospitality and Retail and connects with our experienced and qualified teachers to offer training and open opportunities for employment. 

  1. Test Out A New Career Path

If you are considering a particular career path, Christmas casual work can be the perfect opportunity for you to test out whether this is for you. It allows you to see how the industry functions and to speak with other employees to get a feel of what a career could be like. As the Christmas period is prone to be the busiest time of year it is a good test to see if you enjoy the work, if so this industry could be for you! On the other hand, you may discover the industry isn’t for you and that’s okay! You will have gained invaluable transferable skills that will shine on your resume.

  1. Access to New Opportunities

Christmas casual work is listed because businesses need help, so if you can show your hard work and commitment to the business during their busiest time of year it will not go unnoticed. Opportunities may come your way and at a minimum, you will have a glowing reference to place on your resume. 

  1. Meet Great People

Having a Christmas casual job is a great way to network and meet new people. These could be people who have achieved their career goals and can help you reach yours or simply fabulous people who you enjoy being around creating new friendships!

5. The time is now…

We are here to help you land your next job! Christmas casual positions begin to fill throughout November, so now is the time to get job-ready. With employers eager to find reliable and dedicated staff, AimBig is here to get you job-ready and has several opportunities available for you to work with a great business that values diversity and inclusion!  

Take the first step into a great job today – Visit our job vacancies page to find your next role and let us help you on your journey to meaningful work!

For application enquiries, you may call 1300 346 555

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