Back to the Future with Face to Face Interviewing

Now our Roadway to Recovery has become our Freeway to Freedom, what should you do as a job seeker when interviewing?

The world has been under a COVID-19 cloud for nearly two years. As we emerge from the darkness through vaccination programs and social distancing laws, what is the new normal? We have all been Zooming and Face-timing our way through job interviews, work meetings and social events.

The Government wants our economy to recover. There are guidelines to follow and mandatory rules about masks, but what about the people? Adjusting from being in our homes and isolating to heading back to the shops and work will be mentally challenging.

Many will struggle with the sudden and threatening changes. This is the human face behind opening again. Thankfully, there are organisations like AimBig which prioritise people. Its experienced team know there are challenges ahead and are here to help you manage them.

COVID-19 hasn’t gone. We are learning to live with it. How are we going to do that? How do we manage the nagging fear?

High Fives, elbow bumps or handshakes?

Coming face-to-face with our fellow humans again will be wonderful, and scary. Some we will want to hug. Others we will be happy to wave to from a distance. The important person in this problem is you. What do you feel comfortable doing?

In the post-COVID-19 world no one is going to judge your choices. If you want or need to shake hands, be prepared to use hand sanitiser after. If you prefer to elbow bump, that is fine. The main thing about our new normal is staying COVID-19 safe. For your sake and your workmates.

Australia is very lucky. Our vaccination rate is high. However, there are still unvaccinated people, either by choice or due to medical reasons. Using masks and hand sanitiser shows you are a responsible worker and friend.

 Meeting interviewers face-to-face.

We will slowly transition to being interviewed in person. There may be initial interviews online, but it won’t be long before our future boss will want to meet us face-to-face. COVID-19 safe practices will be in the workplace from the moment they open.

Desks and chairs will meet distancing rules. Ventilation in buildings will be upgraded. Lunchrooms will not operate. Your future boss wants a COVID-19 free and safe workplace as much as you. Become familiar with how to stay safe.

If you don’t feel confident facing an interview alone, one of our AimBig team can attend the interview with you and make sure you feel safe and stress-free.

A whole new world.

The post-COVID world is new to everyone. Staying safe and healthy is everyone’s responsibility.

What makes you comfortable and safe is your choice. If you are in a situation that feels uncomfortable, try to manage it by creating distance, seeking fresh air, or excusing yourself from the situation. Keep your mask and your hand sanitiser at the ready. They may be the weapons that will protect you in the “new normal” world.

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