All-rounder Harley Celebrates 3 Years in Employment

Today we celebrate International Day of People with Disabilty (IDPWD) and acknowledge the 4.4 million Australians with disability.

Across the Arriba Group, including Rehab Management, AimBig Employment and LiveBig, we strive for best outcomes for people with disability.

To celebrate diversity and inclusion in the workplace, we would like to highlight Harley, an integral staff member at the Arriba Group.

Harley has been working as a barista at the Arriba Group since December 2018. Harley has an intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder and minimal prior work experience. After completing his barista training Harley now works 2 days per week from 9am-1pm where he:

  • Makes delicious coffee for staff and workplace visitors
  • Ensures the kitchen environment is clean
  • Interacting with staff to build his social skills
  • Completes a variety of admin tasks to support the corporate teams

Harley is now an invaluable staff member at the Arriba Group, confidently catches public transport to the office for his shift and works autonomously.

Watch our video on him below.

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