AimBig FAQs

AimBig FAQs

When did AimBig Employment start?

AimBig Employment was founded in 2018. CEO Marcella Romero has always supported and embraced inclusion. Wanting to ensure that people with physical and mental health injuries/disabilities are treated with the same level of respect with equal opportunities in workplaces and the community, AimBig uses this passion to help job seekers with disability live their dreams.

What does AimBig Employment do?

AimBig Employment is a disability employment services (DES) provider. This means that we help Australians living with disability find and thrive in meaningful employment.

In addition to placing people in jobs, we have a range of innovative, bespoke programs including BusyBeans, CreativeStart, LabourIn and OfficeReady that offer jobseekers a range of opportunities to undergo training and gain employment doing something they love.

What are disability employment services (DES)?

Disability employment services, or DES for short, help people with disability find meaningful work. DES is a federal Australian government program to assist people with disabilities to secure employment if they are finding it difficult to do so by themselves.

Find out more about choosing the right DES provider for you here.

Can AimBig Employment help me find a job?

Yes, the purpose of DES providers like AimBig is to work with jobseekers to find and keep a job.

If you have a diagnosed disability and are between the ages of 14 and 65, we can help you find a job that’s right for you!

Find out more and register with us here.

Why does AimBig Employment only find jobs for people with disabilities?

Unfortunately, there’s still a stigma around hiring people with disabilities in Australian workplaces. With 31.6% of people with autism being unemployed.

AimBig Employment wants to help empower job seekers living with disability and hopes to break down pre-conceived notions of what our jobseekers can do! Everyone deserves the opportunity to have a job that they are passionate about and thrive in.

Do I need to know what I want to do for AimBig Employment to help me find a job?

No, you don’t need to know which industry you want to work in or job you want. It’s our job to help you find a role that you enjoy!

When you sign up with AimBig, you’re given a dedicated job coach. If you haven’t worked in a job recently, ever been employed or don’t have experience in the industry you’re interested in, our job coaches will connect you with courses or short-term work placements to help you gain the skills you need.

What does an AimBig Employment Job Coach do?

A job coach coaches jobseekers to be ready for employment. They do this by assessing any barriers and addressing them one by one. An example of a barrier might be that the jobseeker can only work a few hours each day. Together with the jobseeker, they work out what their medical conditions are and establish what form of employment would suit their capabilities. AimBig job coaches are very much about looking at jobseeker capabilities rather than disabilities.

Read our interview with AimBig job coach Wasan here.

Can AimBig Employment help me find a job if I live outside Australia?

No, DES only covers Australian residents or eligible Visa holders aged 14 to 65 years old. You need to be living in Australia for AimBig to be able to place you in a job.

Find out more about DES requirements here.


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