AimBig Employment Success Story | Kane

5 things you need to know about Autism

After years of struggling with the effects of his epilepsy and seizures, Kane didn’t have the confidence to look for work.

He needed a job

Kane’s AimBig consultant, Kriztle, knew how much he wanted and needed a job. She also knew he wanted to relocate to the country to better manage the triggers associated with his epileptic seizures and mental health issues.

Kane had fallen out of education because he’d really struggled to keep up with the demands of an online course, and wasn’t feeling very good about himself.

Finding the right employer

Kriztle worked with Kane on updating his resume and got in touch with her network of employers in the New England area. When the vacancy at a specialised plant nutrient manufacturer came up in Tamworth, Kriztle was confident the employer would be supportive of Kane and understanding of any specific needs in the workplace.

Interviewed on Wednesday, started on Monday

After a successful interview and job offer on a Wednesday morning, Kriztle worked overtime to source and purchase suitable work clothes and find accommodation in Tamworth. Kane started his new job as a factory hand the following Monday.

“I am really glad I found AimBig. Having someone on my side who took an interest and helped me felt good and helped me realise that I could be successful and happy.” Kane


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