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AimBig Employment Success Story – Jason

At AimBig Employment, the core of our service is to improve the lives of the people around us. Whether this is helping people with disability overcoming barriers to employment, liaising with employers to recruit them talented individuals with a managed disability, or simply someone leaving our office with a smile, we pride ourselves on being people passionate and creating opportunities for success.

An individual that has improved their wellbeing and thrived at AimBig Employment is Jason.

Jason Patterson had come to AimBig Employment after not working for over 6 years due to his debilitating Depression, Diabetes and Sleep Apnea. In having a disability that creates fatigue and soreness, Jason struggled with his mental health and wellbeing and was not optimistic about finding work and being happy. In addition, his disability made it challenging to keep work, as he needed an employer that could understand his struggles with tiredness and pain.

Jason found AimBig Employment through positive word of mouth and was excited to work with a business that was renowned for its exceptional star rating and passion for people. When Jason came to AimBig Employment, he was assigned a Job Coach, who is the team leader for South East Queensland and assisted with coaching Jason. His Job Coach has a fantastic track record in finding people with disability sustainable and meaningful employment and has strong ties with the employers in the local Upper Mt Gravatt community.

Jason and his Job Coach began working together to discuss his barriers to employment and set out to find a career path that supported his unique needs. His Job Coach linked Jason with Simon Lee, owner of Is It Clean, a local commercial cleaning service. Simon has worked exclusively with AimBig Employment in the past and is dedicated to creating opportunities for people of all abilities. Through this introduction, Jason was able to secure employment at Is It Clean.

In Jason’s role, he cleans residential and commercial properties, and takes great pride in delivering exceptional service and keeping offices and homes sanitary. Jason is also entrusted with a company car, high pressure water cleaner and all the equipment needed in his role.

We heard from his Job Coach about Jason’s progress in his new role at Is It Clean.

“In the last few months since commencing employment Jason has a purpose for getting up and getting on with his day.  He is so busy with work and being an integral member of his team that he is sleeping better than ever.  He has a smile worth a million dollars on his face every day and feels driven by accomplishing his daily goals.”

This introduction made by his Job Coach changed Jason’s life for the better, as all he needed was someone to see what he was capable of when given the chance. Jason is thriving in his role and loves going to work each day and contributing to society. In addition, he is happier and more fulfilled since finding employment.

His Job Coach applauds employers such as Simon for creating equal opportunities for people living with disability.

“Working with Simon from Is It Clean, is a breath of fresh air. He is a firm believer everybody has a purpose, and he works tenaciously to train and develop his team.  He believes that by providing sustainable employment opportunities to people that may be disadvantaged he is able to give back to his community.  He recognizes that he also gains a lot himself such as loyalty and extremely hardworking people that are so proud to be working. “

Through engaging with local organizations and employers, and making the effort to understand the unique needs of the participants who walk through our doors, we were able to create a mutually beneficial partnership between AimBig Employment, Is It Clean and Jason.


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