Christopher and his soon to be wife at the AimBig office.

Christopher Reaches Personal and Employment Goals with AimBig

A key part of supporting people with disability is helping them work towards their goals, whether its individual, employment or financial. A client that came to us in hopes of achieving all of these is Christopher.

Christopher suffers from Cerebral Palsy and has an Intellectual Disability, whereby he came to us with hopes of finding meaningful work. Christopher was assigned to a Job Coach who was a passionate and experienced Business Development Specialist for the Sydney Metro Region.

Christopher explained to his Job Coach that his key motivation for finding employment was to save for his upcoming wedding (pictured with his fiance at top of the page). He was determined to improve his confidence and use his Job Coach’s advice and industry experience to become job ready in order to secure positive, long-term employment.

Christopher also revealed to his Job Coach that he had been unsuccessful in the past at holding jobs as a result of previous disability services not sharing negative employer feedback about his behaviour. This meant that Christopher faced extended periods of unemployment.

Christopher was enthusiastic about a role in transporting goods and had the skillset to thrive in a role as a delivery driver. His Job Coach was able to use her reverse marketing tools and engaged with an employer in her network to set up an interview for Christopher.

Prior to the interview, his Job Coach helped Christopher prepare by running mock interviews, provided funding for clothing, and provided moral support. The preparation Christopher and his Job Coach did was successful in securing Christopher a job at Leppington Pizza Bar and commenced employment the very next day.

Since finding work, Christopher has become more confident and happier, seeing improvements to his mental and financial wellbeing. His Job Coach stays in touch with all parties and has provided post placement support to both Christopher and his employer Andrew, where it was revealed that there were some issues between Christopher and some staff members at work. This had created tension between Christopher and Andrew and required his Job Coach to intervene.

His Job Coach and Christopher worked through the negative social interactions Christopher was having with staff members, whereby he was able to identify correct and incorrect behaviour on the job site. Through this, Christopher was able to implement better behaviours and settle into the workplace.

His Job Coach then communicated with Andrew and allowed Christopher to address the previous issues with his behaviour, showcasing his growth in understanding what is inappropriate in the workplace. This discussion was mutually beneficial, and Christopher was able to stay on at Leppington Pizza Bar.

We spoke to his Job Coach about Christopher’s progress to date with his role:

“Christopher has really settled in and is thriving in his delivery driver position, and I’ve heard positive feedback from Andrew. I’ve seen him make great progress in his career, and also in his knowledge of social behaviours.

I’m glad I could use my network to find him an employer that really cared for him and understood his needs. He is only a few weeks away from getting married, and he is really succeeding in life!

I’m fortunate Christopher came to AimBig and I was able to help him break his barriers to employment and find meaningful work.”

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