AimBig Employment Is Still Helping People With Disability Despite COVID-19

Liam Martin

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a stressful time for many of our clients and their families. It can be challenging to find employment in the current climate with increased restrictions and uncertainty. However, it is imperative to know that despite Coronavirus (COVID-19), AimBig Employment continues to help people with disability to secure jobs.

How has AimBig Employment adjusted its operations to accommodate job seekers?
The Coronavirus pandemic hit suddenly in March this year, which forced everyone to change the way they operate, learning to navigate through the ‘new normal’, and this is no different for AimBig Employment. Many job seekers are used to face-to-face interactions, and from the beginning, our main concern was how the pandemic would affect job seekers. We quickly realised that we would have to adjust our operations so that there were no barriers to accessing our support services.

Changes we have made are as follows:

  • Remote appointments: With many offices located around Australia, AimBig Employment was traditionally a people-to-people business. We were used to having job seekers drop into our offices in person, but when Coronavirus hit, we had to protect our job seekers. So since March this year, we have been conducting all meetings over the phone or by video chat using the RMReach video conferencing solution.
  • Types of positions available: Depending on your location and the Coronavirus risk in your area, you may have noticed that the kinds of jobs available have changed. In Sydney and Melbourne, for example, there have been periods when cafes and restaurants have had to shut down. At AimBig Employment, some clients in hospitality roles suddenly lost their jobs. But their journey with us didn’t end there, because we did all we could to redeploy these clients into other positions (such as cleaning and delivery services) to suit the changing market conditions.
  • Finding our clients remote working opportunities: Coronavirus has (possibly permanently) changed the way Australians work. Where possible, employees in office-based jobs are now working from home – at least some of the time. We have seen a rise in remote work for people with disability, in roles such as customer service, data entry, reception and translating (for CALD participants).
  • Education and training: Over the past few months, some of our clients have had to retrain and gain new skills, which we assist with. This could involve our clients working closely with their job coach to do some one-on-one training or find suitable courses to attend.

So, what next for AimBig Employment? If there is one thing that the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it is that nobody knows what is going to happen in the future. The past few months have been a steep learning curve for everyone, including the team at AimBig Employment. But now, more than ever, we feel equipped to help our clients, by being innovative and adapting to whatever hurdles Coronavirus throws at us in the future.

Are you a job seeker with disability who has lost their job? We have many positions available right now.


If you don’t see anything listed that suits your requirements, we still may be able to help. Call us on 1300 034 997 to find out more.

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