At AimBig, we start with the belief that we are all unique. What makes you special is what makes us special. And it’s why we support and value diversity and inclusion with all our staff, customers and suppliers through our commitment to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity.

What’s more, our reconciliation planning gives us our social conscience and competitive advantage to improve our corporate culture, client relations, recruitment and stakeholder engagement. It’s these individual skills, perspectives and experiences from different backgrounds that we believe lead to more innovative business practices. 

Read our Arriba Group indigenous statement here

We dare to care

Removing barriers for people with disability

Equal access to better health and employment outcomes is a core goal for all our people. With a focus on the whole person, we consider the needs and accessibility requirements of our customers, staff and the community at every stage of a job journey.

diversity and inclusion

Taking corporate social responsibility seriously

As an equal opportunity employer and responsible company, we constantly evaluate our overall impact socially and environmentally. We support and partner with several non-profit organisations and charities in our aim to achieve sustainable development goals including:


Gender equality


Fair and equitable treatment of employees


Safety and health for all


Industry, innovation and infrastructure


Ethical business principles


Mutually beneficial partnerships


Sustainable cities and communities


Economic growth


Environmental responsibility

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