We all like to think of ourselves as the best leaders. Some of us probably are. But there’s always room for improvement to make your business thrive and increase staff well being and engagement.

Invest in people

People are at the heart of my companies. They should be at the heart of every company, Without your people, what could you achieve? Being a great leader means recognising the strengths of your people, helping them build on their strengths and grow in the most productive way.


By listening to the people around you, from your c-suite, managers, field officers and admin staff, you’ll hear the ways your company operates from all levels. You’ll hear different perspectives on things you may not have considered before. If you ask people for their feedback and listen to it, you may be surprised what you hear.


By listening to the people around you, you will inevitably learn from them. I know I’ve learned a lot from the talented people I work with. From communications professionals, to our consultants and business development managers, I’ve learned how these talented people do their jobs. Their varied and crucial skills inspire me each and every day to lead our teams and serve our clients to the highest standard. And I like to think they learn from me too!


By having trusted people around you, ones who will give you honest and constructive feedback, you’ll be set up for success. Asking for their help also means utlizing their skills and trusting them to do what they’re capable of. This will free you up to strategize, network and lead, the things you’re probably excellent at and need your focus.

Have fun

Business may be serious, but it’s crucial to build excitement and fun in every day. Creating an atmosphere of fun leads to more creativity, friendships, productivity and your staff’s increased well being at work. I know my favourite times with my team are when we’re being creative and having fun.

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