July is our birthday month and this year; we’re celebrating 4 years of AimBig Employment!


The Story of Us

From humble beginnings in 1998, Marcella Romero founded Rehab Management with the aim of making a difference in the lives of vulnerable people – those with an injury, disability or health condition.

Marcella wanted her organisation to empower clients to engage in their recovery or positive life changes, to achieve their goals. Initially established in New South Wales, the company soon spread its wings nationally, providing award-winning workplace rehabilitation, injury and early intervention services and training.

In 2018, after successful appointment to the Disability Employment Services (DES) panel, AimBig was established to expand the group’s portfolio, with a mission to serve those most in need nationwide.

We have now helped thousands of Australians living with disability to find a job they love, which you can read more about here in our success stories.


What do our people love about being part of the AimBig team?

“It’s the people and feeling of inclusion, a sense of belonging to a team that strives to make a difference. What a fabulous wealth of experience, knowledge and support, a team that genuinely lives and breathes its values” – Tracy (CEO)

“I personally love the flexibility that management shows in relation to staff taking time off at short notice for important issues such as family events or medical issues . It means a lot to me, and I never forget it when my manager asks me to go that little extra mile. It’s a give / give situation.” – Craig (Job Coach – Orange).

“I genuinely love the people I work with. I am inspired by my team who give me the motivation, passion and energy to do the best for them. They are my driving force! I enjoy working with all my colleagues throughout the business and have never worked in such a place of kindness and generosity. The company is welcoming, inclusive and has afforded me many opportunities and experiences in such a short amount of time.” – Joanne (Regional Manager – VIC)

“I love Aimbig because they use a client centred approach and put the client in the centre of decision making. The other reason I love Aimbig is because Aimbig cares about the quality of services deliver to the participants.” Esmaeil (Senior Job Coach – Fairfield)

“For me it’s the amazing people that l work with! I love the fact that our owner and founder of the business is down to earth, approachable and lives and breathes our values.  Our Senior Leadership Team and Operational staff are wonderful, and I don’t think that I have been with another organization that has supported me so much and I hope that this is something that l also pass through to my immediate staff…. “ Scott (Regional Manager – QLD Metro South)

“The reason I love working at Aimbig is the drive, passion and commitment the business invests into helping and supporting people which includes our participant’s with a disability and also our internal staff. I have been with Aimbig since the start of the contract and the sense of fulfilment and satisfaction my role gives me, watching the business grow and the amazing results and ‘good news’ stories we have achieved is phenomenal. I am very proud and privileged to work for such a people passionate and innovative company who always puts our staff and the customer first!” Chiara (Head of Outcome and Operations – Upper Mt Gravatt).


Here’s to 4 years!

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